Three vegan desserts

I’m not easily satisfied when it comes to food substitutions, but here are three I’m happy with (e.g. things I would voluntarily make vegan

Things with puff pastry: A lot of frozen puff pastry in a normal grocery store is vegan. Try it with chocolate and nuts or as apple pie.

Poached pears: there are a million recipes for different syrups and sauces to do these in. Here’s a simple version.

Chocolate mousse: two-ingredient chocolate mousse lives up to its hype. You truly do need at least 70% cocoa solids or it will not firm up – I like the big bars of bittersweet chocolate from Trader Joe’s. You can chill the mousse in wine glasses or teacups. Or pour it into a baked piecrust for a chocolate mousse pie – I like a graham cracker or nut crust (use oil or vegan margarine instead of butter if you want to keep it vegan).

Note that the pears and mousse don’t have flour, meaning they are kosher for Passover! And gluten-free! The chocolate pie can be too, if you use a nut crust.






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