Summer dinner party menu

I often struggle to come up with a menu for a mixed omni/vegetarian/vegan crowd, which is what you tend to get at Effective Altruism dinners. I try to publish the successes.



Everything is vegan and gluten-free except the key lime pie, but I think it comes off as light and summery rather than oppressively vegan.

The food is served cold and can be prepped in advance except the soup, which could still be done in advance and just heated and garnished at the last minute. If you’re still working on the spring rolls when guests arrive, people like helping assemble them. This took longer than I thought, about 90 seconds per roll, including waiting for the wrappers to soak and finding room for trays as we filled them.

Total cost: about $90 in groceries for 18 people, or $5/person.

A previous menu.



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