Project: grippable crayons

Crayola sells egg-shaped crayons for toddlers, which apparently are very easy to grip. Unfortunately, I can’t stomach paying $6.99 for three crayons.

So I made my own. They look funny, but your toddler won’t know that, and they cost nothing (providing you have some old broken crayons). Lily likes them for banging on paper and gnawing.

oval crayons

Heat the oven to 275 F / 135 C.

Take the paper off some old crayons.

Break them up and put them in muffin tins or mini-muffin tins. You can do mixed colors or each one a solid color. You can line the cups with wax paper if you want.

Put it in the oven for 10 minutes or until the wax is melted.

Let cool until you can touch it comfortably but the wax is not fully hard. Roll the wax between your palms to make a rounded shape.

To get the inevitable wax bits off your muffin tin, put it in the freezer for a while and the bits will scrape off easily.



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