Renting space in your head

I’m having the kind of day where I have lots of imaginary conversations in which someone implies I did something wrong, and then I give a brilliant reply which lets them know that not only was I not wrong, but shows them how very wrong they were.

One of my clients once said that he tries not to let other people rent space in his head. Usually my clients’ pithy sayings seem to originate from Alcoholics Anonymous, but I can’t find the origin of this one (though it’s been attributed to just about everybody). One fuller version is “Hanging on to a grudge is like letting someone live rent-free in your head.”

To the degree that pithy sayings are ever useful, I find this one pretty useful. I like the idea of my head being a place where I choose the tenants. Neurotic imaginary conversations are not good tenants.

(On a similar topic, I think “Shake it Off” is the best thing for anti-anxiety ever to hit the pop charts.)



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