Project: book holder

I feel a little silly reading to a four-month-old, but I’ve started introducing Lily to books. Given the distinct lack of storage in the vicinity of our favorite chair, I wanted something to put a few books in. In Pinterest-land I would have some kind of wall-mounted display bookshelves made from recycled pallets, but I made this instead.


The bottom and sides are made from a tube of fabric with cardboard rectangles inside:


The back has a triangle that loops over and buttons over the chair arm. The front was too floppy so I sewed the edge over into a tube and stuck a chopstick in the tube.

It would have been better-looking with more lining and some interfacing to stiffen up the front and back, but this was faster. It took me about 30 minutes. I’m in favor of half-assing sewing projects if it means you will actually finish them.

You could also do this project with half a cereal box and some string.



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