La la la

If there were a songwriting competition for lyrics consisting only of “Lily,” our household would totally win.  Especially if the allowed lyrics were expanded to include “hungry Lily,” “sleepy Lily,” and “la la la la Lily.”  She has outstripped bacon as the most common topic of impromptu singing in our house.

I do actually wonder why there aren’t more songs about parenthood.  There are a ton of songs about the overpowering intensity of romantic love, but parenting is at least as intense.  There are songs about “I can’t live without you,” but your child literally cannot live without you.  There are songs about “You’re everything to me,” but you really are everything to your baby.  “Our love is forever” — you might be mistaken about that when it comes to your lover, but this relationship really is for life.

Some examples that come to mind are Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” and John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy.”  There are other songs about parent-child relationships in general, but not many from the perspective of parents.  Perhaps because most popular songwriters are men?

Some of my favorites about parents and children:

Room at the Top of the Stair,” John McCutcheon

For Baby (For Bobbie)” – the Peter Paul and Mary version, which is actually about a child, unlike the original

Dear Mama,” 2Pac

Everything Possible,” Fred Small




2 thoughts on “La la la

  1. detteyoung

    Oh goodness, Toby just played me the first of these, with many resultant emotions (the newly painted and furnished but as yet unoccupied room in our house is likewise at the top of the stair).

    As I’ve been thinking about becoming a parent I’ve found myself reinterpreting songs that are (probably) about romantic love in new ways. ‘Harbour’ by Vienna Teng is one example (and generally she is a great artist if you haven’t encountered her). And actually the extreme closeness and interdependence in romantic songs sort of makes more sense in that context.

  2. Julia Post author

    Yes, that one gets me every time. And I do like reinterpreting romantic songs to be about children – “Can’t Help Falling In Love” is especially nice that way.



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