How much to drive?

I used to be pretty good at driving when I was doing it regularly.  Now that I’ve had access to public transit for  years, I have gotten much worse at driving.*

A few times a year, it would be helpful for me to drive.  So about once a month, I practice driving somewhere.  But once a month is not often enough to get very good.

So if Jeff and I are driving someplace, is it safer if I practice driving (so that I get better at driving overall, even though that individual trip is more dangerous than if Jeff were driving?)  Or is it better to reduce the number of trips I drive, hoping that three less-skilled trips a year are safer than 20 medium-skilled trips?

*I’ve still never had a car accident, so I’m basing this on the frequency of Jeff saying things like, “That was a stop sign!”


1 thought on “How much to drive?

  1. Ben Landau-Taylor

    My own approach is to avoid practicing as a sort of pre-commitment to driving less. This actually has kept me from driving in some marginal cases, mostly by giving me a good excuse to throw at social pressure. (“I don’t want to drive for these complicated reasons” doesn’t go over as well as “I would be a danger to myself and others.”)



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